Is “Encouragement” the Solution You Need?

Is encouragement the solution YOU really need?  Far too often, we see encouragement as a soft skill… something we offer our families and seek from close friends… but far too rarely as a most profitable business and life solution.  At Carawan Global Group, we are out to change that.

en⋅cour⋅age  [en-kur-ij, -]  verb

  1. to inspire with courage, spirit, or confidence
  2. to stimulate by assistance, approval, etc.
  3. to promote, advance, or foster

Looking at the definition of “encourage” above, I am left thinking: what could be a more profitable and relevant solution for Main Street America? I think we’d all agree that everyone from the small business owner to the school teacher, to the corporate executive could benefit from being advanced, promoted and inspired with courage and confidence.

As a motivational speaker, I am no stranger to the power of encouragement.  My career has been built on it.  But, how do we take encouragement OFF of the platform and ON to the pavement of our businesses, school systems, churches, and government agencies?  How can we BUILD a culture of encouragement … and how can we make it profitable?

The first step in creating a culture of encouragement is the commitment to do so.  Only after recognizing encouragement as a “real solution” can we work to cultivate this type of atmosphere.  This realization will play a big role in your willingness to cultivate this type of atmosphere.  Encouragement inspires people to face challenges head on, stimulates the willingness to find intrinsic value in overcoming, and provides a hope that our ability to truly thrive is only found in struggle.

As a leader today, you are up against some tough circumstances.  If you are like many of the leaders I meet with personally, it probably seems like you are a professional “fireman”, rather than a true professional…. putting out fires wherever you go, and wherever you go, putting out fires.  This leaves very little room for strategic and innovative action.  You can change this – simply by building a culture of encouragement.

Far too often, we see a lot of things wrong, and seek to “fix it.”  But this approach can cause resentment and a pessimistic “there’s nothing I can do” attitude.  A far more profitable approach is in increasing your recognition, acknowledgement and acts of appreciation.

So, instead of saving the forest by putting out fires, you can go about the task of planting trees.  I ask each of my clients to commit to the following:

For the next two weeks, how about deliberately building or contributing to a culture of encouragement?   Let your people know that what they do is being seen and appreciated.  Show them that you seek to reward productivity.  When possible, recognize your team in front of people….  Go out of your way to recognize them in front of their families when possible.  (A simple phone call on their day off will suffice!)  How could this commitment change YOUR culture at work?  At home?


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