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It’s Time to Choose…Our Silence is Deafening

December 10, 2009

For too long, we’ve been silent.  Our “silence is consent.”   It is time to stand.  And it is time to choose.  We have allowed the biblical values and founding principles of our nation to slowly slip away.  The sound of apathy is deafening.   But the drum beat of freedom calls us to move.  It’s time, through our actions to stand with the prophets of the past, the morally intolerant of their day.  It’s time to move to the choreographed steps mapped out by the cries of the heroes and heroines of our history.  The motions inspired by The Harriet Tubman’s, the Wilberforce’s, the Adams, the abolitionists, and the Martin Luther Kings.  Living without compromise, we must follow the steady rhythm of our convictions and act in congruence with our beliefs.  Embracing moral intolerance, we must dance in such a way that creates our own legacy, where posterity and history look back at us and call it good.

What do you think?


An Issue of Motivation

December 4, 2009

In this month’s issue of Entrepreneur magazine, a business owner wrote in and stated,

“I’ve been totally ground down by 2009.  How can I get my motivation back?”

While this seems like a straightforward – enough question, especially in light of how businesses have battled the recent economic downturn, I couldn’t help but think of how the brave men and women who founded our nation would have responded.

You see, when they faced a challenge, obstacle, and even imminent death, it was THEN that their motivation was the most fierce.  Even as their neighbors died of starvation or dropped beside them in battle, it was motivation and commitment that kept them going.  In fact, all throughout history, when we look at great accomplishments, most were inspired by an immense and usually prolonged season of  challenge and struggle.  It was the STRUGGLE itself that inspired the motivation to keep going.

Yet, something is very different today.  When we struggle, when we are challenged, and when things can be described as less than “smooth sailing”, we question our path.  We are no longer inclined to use obstacles as an excuse to “recommit”.  Instead, we lose motivation, hope and courage.  If there is no easy button to push, we far too often throw in the towel.

I am certainly not above this tendency myself.  But I am committed to continuing to develop my character… the same way I deliberately develop my physical, mental and professional skills:  with purpose, passion and practice.