Did you see me on GMA?


GMA It Factor

On Saturday, August 8th, at approximately 8:41 AM, I “officially” made it onto Good Morning America’s Weekend edition.  Well, sort of….It was more of a “Where’s Rolfe” version of the popular “Where’s Waldo” activities, but still… =)

Months ago, I was asked to contribute to a volunteer initiative to help people who were recently laid off find profitable employment.  I was so happy my schedule allowed me to participate.  So, I spent an evening in a coffee shop talking to each member of the It Factor Job Club about what I call their “sovereign foundation” and gave personality assessments to each member and discussed it with them.  I love to watch people learn more about themselves and embrace what makes them unique.  It was even more fun to watch these job club members determine that their “next job” would be one that would use their innate talents and gifts. 

After a few months, EACH of these job club members found employment and the club’s success was featured on Good Morning America.  As you watch the video clip, if you look really closely, you will see that one of the computer screens the camera captures is on my linked in page.  So, I – or at least my linked in page – finally made it onto a national tv program. 

You will also notice a woman wearing bright yellow in the video.  That is our lovely Executive Administrator, Rachyl Johnson.  We met Rachyl at the job club event and are so pleased to have her join the Carawan Global Group team.  You can read more about her participation in the job club here:  http://www.itfactorjobclub.com/2009/07/college-graduate-goes-from-0-interviews.html


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