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ACN – Ingenuity in Tough Times

August 24, 2009

ACNWhat if you discovered electricity? What if you had known about the internet before it exploded? What if you were privy to technology’s latest and greatest advancement before anyone else?  Imagine.

In today’s spiraling rat race in technology, very rarely someone paints a picture with a sheer stroke of entrepreneurial genius.  But every once in a while, a stroke is made and a business born.  This time ACN holds the coveted paintbrush.  ACN has emerged as an undeniable leader in the telecommunications industry, as the largest direct seller of telecommunications and home services in the world.  This up and coming company got its stamp of approval from the man himself – Donald Trump, and was even featured on his last season of Celebrity Apprentice.  What’s their secret?  What the business world has been waiting for…the videophone.

Awarded “The Success Award” in the July/August issue of Direct Selling News, for “reinventing their business building tools for ACN representatives,” their future has only gotten brighter.  This company offers something 100% of Americans use every day – phone, web, security and now VIDEOPHONE services. They hit the jackpot of all marketplaces. Their product is practical and they are relevant.

Forward thinking entrepreneurs have joined the ACN opportunity and one local representative has taken it to the next level, literally.  Promoted to a Team Coordinator in just 4 months, international superstar Art Sandler is definitely not joining the recession.  His generosity, work ethic on behalf of others, and perseverance through the tough stuff is a true testament to the quality of ACN representatives.

In the face of tough economic times, innovative, forward thinking pays off.  So pick up the paintbrush and make a stroke.  Even Donald Trump agrees.

Check out the videophone for yourself at


Is UNITY a Profitable Corporate Initiative?

August 17, 2009




A perfect example of America’s love / hate relationship with success played out on the national stage not long ago. While many financial institutions are still struggling, even after spending large tax-payer funded bail out checks, Goldman Sachs turned a $5.2 Billion profit during the first half of 2009. That was 5.2 Billion – with a “B”.



Instead of applauding their ability to rebound spectacularly from financial crisis, this organization was called “an assemblage of swine”, and “a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity” by various media personalities. While none of us can deny the creativity of these insults, and Goldman Sachs REMAINS a controversial company, I was curious. WHY would Goldman Sachs be doing so much better than any other bank? At the risk of sounding like an anchorman heading to commercial break, I have to ask: WHAT is in the water at Goldman Sachs?

The answer was not surprising. A little bit of digging led me to this conclusion: UNITY. UNITY is the ingredient that led this financial institution to outperform ALL of its peers. Let me explain.

Charles Ellis published a “history” of the firm last year called The Partnership: The Making of Goldman Sachs. In it, he detailed the firm’s slow recovery after the stock market crash of 1929. Facing extinction, Ellis concluded, the people over at Goldman Sachs had no choice but to stick together and work towards the future.

This successful management approach of “extreme UNITY” led Ellis to explain cause of the firm’s success in this way: Goldman “recruits the most extraordinarily talented people” and thing “brings these talented leaders together in by far the most team-oriented environment” on Wall Street.

Did you see me on GMA?

August 10, 2009

GMA It Factor

On Saturday, August 8th, at approximately 8:41 AM, I “officially” made it onto Good Morning America’s Weekend edition.  Well, sort of….It was more of a “Where’s Rolfe” version of the popular “Where’s Waldo” activities, but still… =)

Months ago, I was asked to contribute to a volunteer initiative to help people who were recently laid off find profitable employment.  I was so happy my schedule allowed me to participate.  So, I spent an evening in a coffee shop talking to each member of the It Factor Job Club about what I call their “sovereign foundation” and gave personality assessments to each member and discussed it with them.  I love to watch people learn more about themselves and embrace what makes them unique.  It was even more fun to watch these job club members determine that their “next job” would be one that would use their innate talents and gifts. 

After a few months, EACH of these job club members found employment and the club’s success was featured on Good Morning America.  As you watch the video clip, if you look really closely, you will see that one of the computer screens the camera captures is on my linked in page.  So, I – or at least my linked in page – finally made it onto a national tv program. 

You will also notice a woman wearing bright yellow in the video.  That is our lovely Executive Administrator, Rachyl Johnson.  We met Rachyl at the job club event and are so pleased to have her join the Carawan Global Group team.  You can read more about her participation in the job club here: