New Orleans’ Entrepreneurs Show U.S. a “Blueprint for Economic Recovery”

New Orleans Entrepeneur
Four years ago, I was horrified as I watched Hurricane Katrina batter the town of New Orleans.  Just this year, Lea and I were able to visit the city when I spoke for the New Orleans Association of Opthamologists.  While the levees and floodwalls gave way just 48 months ago, it is evident that the will and optimism of this unique and creative city have not. 
This month, Entrepreneur magazine profiled four entrepreneurs who are breathing new life into the economy of New Orleans. The cover story headline read : “NEW ORLEANS:  A Blueprint for Economic Recovery”.   Could the new wave of entrepreneurs making New Orleans their home really provide the rest of our nation with a detailed blueprint for economic recovery? 
Only time will tell, but it looks promising.  See, in the past (i.e. Pre-Katrina), New Orleans was associated more with “big industry confabs” rather than a great place for a “start up”.  But, as with every crisis moment or ongoing challenge we face, we can choose to give in or we can choose to get “Tougher than the Times”.   It is made evident by just one quote in the article that this new “start up nation”,  laying down roots in New Orleans as you read this post, is choosing the latter. 
New Orleans fashion designer, Seema Sudan, says of the current economic calamity, “Everyone’s going through Katrina right now.  When I go elsewhere, I feel what’s going on in the world.  When I’m here, I feel the optimism.” 
FIRST STEP in an economic blueprint for recovery:  Recognize that you are not alone…. and that you are not “the” victim.
SECOND STEP:  Employ one of the most profitable mental technologies available to all of us:  Optimism. 

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