Make Reality Work for You


One way to Run to the Roar is to acknowledge reality.  However, not in the way our global media “acknowledges reality” – in a way that inspires fear and inaction.  We want to acknowledge reality in terms of this ONE question:

“Given this set of circumstances, what do we want to create?”

Rather than dwelling on the obstacles in front of us, we simply want to name them… address them… define them… and then decide what we want to do ANYWAY.  The truth is that if we IGNORE reality, it will always work against us.  But if we acknowledge our own reality, we can make it work FOR us.

So, to bring this to practical application, let’s name the TOP THREE obstacles in your business.  In other words if these THREE obstacles were removed or overcome, your organization would be able to thrive.

Now, how much time are you devoting to overcoming EACH of these three obstacles?  Have you gone “unconscious” about your top three obstacles?  Believing that there is “nothing that can be done”?  Or are you deliberately chipping away at the power these obstacles hold over your business or department?  The power of change and challenge is in the persistent action required to navigate an obstacle.


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