Confront the Fear


Fear is an immensely powerful thing that can paralyze us, diminish productivity, and high-jack our emotions.  In times of change and transition, which demand innovative action, fear can cripple us and bring our organization to a grinding halt.  The first thing we can do to Run to the Roar is Confront the Fear.

Have you ever seen a really skillful attorney at work?  Their eloquent ability to yield the power of words always amazes me.  One way to confront your fear is to skillfully debate whatever you are afraid of.  Fear results from threats that are both real AND perceived.  Far too often, we waste time being paralyzed by fear over possibilities that (fortunately) never materialize, and are unlikely to occur.  But, even when we are confronting the fear of a very likely possibility, it is beneficial to confront it head on.  Here are some questions to get you started:

  • Given the circumstances causing me this fear, what is the WORST thing that can happen?
  • What is the BEST thing that could happen?
  • What is the MOST LIKELY thing that WILL happen?
  • Based upon all of the information we have gathered, what seems to be our best course of action?

You are very likely to find that FEAR loses it power when it is skillfully and boldly “debated.” The most important thing to remember is that fear is temporary.  When it is confronted, it can quickly disappear.


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