Run To The Roar America…

President Obama renewed his call for a massive plan to stimulate economic growth.

President Obama renewed his call for a massive plan to stimulate economic growth.

Today, a new President will take office, and while this may be a lifelong dream for him, I can’t say I envy him at all.  He is coming on the scene when our country is facing unprecedented and daunting economic challenges, as well as continued global terrorism and a challenging war effort.  Like a “roaring lion” these obstacles continue to intimidate us, evoking fear and anxiety in the hearts of many Americans. 

While we may be tempted to hear the roar of the lion and “run for the hills”, a more thorough investigation of our “enemy” may make us think again.  You see, the male lion isn’t even really a hunter.  In fact, his typical contribution to a hunt is simply his roar.  It is the lionesses who are actually known for their hunting prowess.  As these females lie in wait at one end of the grassland, the male lion will be at the other end, as their prey graze in the middle.  To signal the hunt, the male lion lets out an intimidating roar.  Out of fear, the grazing animals run AWAY from the roar, and into the dangerous group of lionesses, who lie in wait. 

But, what if they RAN TO THE ROAR instead?  Well, with their size (in number) and speed,  they could easily run past the ONE male lion on that end of the savannah and survive. 

It is this very analogy that I shared with Congressman Randy Forbes not long ago.  You see, our immediate reaction to something fear – or anxiety –– evoking is to run away from the roar, often into more dangerous or daunting circumstances.  I, like Congressman Forbes, believe that we stand as a nation in the middle of the grasslands and RUNNING TO THE ROAR is exactly what is required for us to move beyond our current (personal and global) obstacles and challenges. 

To hear more about RUNNING TO THE ROAR from Randy Forbes, visit his blog  and be on the lookout for the book he and I are co-authoring entitled, “RUN TO THE ROAR”.  


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