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Rolfe Speaks to The “It Factor” Career Club, a GMA Sponsored Job Club with Tory Johnson.

November 28, 2008

"Aha" Moments

Thursday night was an exciting night for the “It Factor” Career Club.   We were thrilled to have an internationally known speaker join us for the night.  Rolfe Carawan of Carawan Consulting is often described as a “motivator on a mission” and has changed the lives of over ¾ million people with his uncanny ability to educate, motivate, and encourage.  

On Thursday, each member of our group was given the opportunity to take a DISC profile test in an effort to uncover their unique and significant personality distinctions as well as their optimum working environment.  

After providing each participant with an individualized evaluation of their personality profile, Rolfe articulated what it takes to know your self and how to value all that makes us different from one another.  He also spoke about how different communication styles can affect us at work, in the marketplace and at home. There were times during Rolfe’s presentation that members actually gasped audibly, acknowledging a compelling personal realization. 

Tonight’s “aha” moments are exactly why this career club is called the “It Factor” Career Club.  In ANY job market, but particularly in the current one, it is crucially important to stand out from the crowd and recognize the significance of what makes you, YOU… of what gives you the “It” needed for the job.

We were excited to have 3 new women join our group:  a fresh college graduate seeking film and media opportunities, an HR professional who has worked in HR for over 30 years and was laid off a year ago and another seeking a dramatic career transition.  The “It Factor” Career Club members left more empowered and motivated than when they came.  

Next week we have Jan Ferguson, Partner of Harbinger PLC a top recruiting firm in the area.  She will be discussing the benefits of temporary work and the differences between working with a recruiting firm vs. a direct hire company.  Jan will also talk with our participants about what it takes to maneuver the marketplace during the holidays. 


“Rolfe performed a personality DISC assessment test on us to gauge where our personality fit into our job search. The 26-page test provided a psychological correlation between our personality traits and perspective career matches. Never before have I ever had someone tie career success to getting to the root of our own personality. What an amazing discovery. I will save the test for a quick reference in the future.” Michelle Forbes – Job Club Participant