How Do Different Generations Show Up in The Workplace?


It is just the natural progression of the generational formation cycle. Generations are formed in approximately 20 year cycles where their worldviews and values are shaped by historical and cultural events occurring at different stages of development. Though an historical event may be commonly shared by four different generations, each generation is not the same age and experience and therefore perceives it through a different lens. The conclusions and corresponding decisions made as a result of the event shapes and inform each generation. That is how you end up with different generations with the classic “gaps” that we so often refer to.



One Response to “How Do Different Generations Show Up in The Workplace?”

  1. Eric S. Says:

    It seems that one measure of leadership is the ability to not only transform the present, but to successfully usher in the future. Any thoughts on how leaders today can effectively cross those “gaps” in order to impact the next generation and to create legacy?

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