Times are Changing at Work. Why Baby Boomers Must be Able to Accept Working With GenX and GenY Employees.


Why is it important to be able to accept working with younger people?

I believe the issue goes beyond being able to “accept” working with younger people – that has always been a reality for every maturing generation – to embracing working with them. The issue here is actually working with younger people instead of just alongside. If Boomers can embrace their role as, “old birds teaching young birds how to fly,” as C.S. Lewis put it, we can transition into leaving a legacy when we leave our job. Boomers must be willing to influence, educate, and mentor younger people.  Otherwise there will be a huge gap of contention between the two generations with counterproductive views of each other leading to bias and bitterness.  Not a healthy work environment.  Younger workers have much to learn from Boomers and Boomers have much to learn from them.  

Author: Rolfe Carawan


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