Our Economic Times are Tough… Is Unifying Leadership Too Much To Ask For?


I really don’t like to criticize or critique others; especially leaders. Leadership is often a difficult and thankless job and we all know that ‘you can’t please everybody.” So I tend to give people in leadership positions a lot of grace. However, from what I just witnessed, you could make a case study of Nancy Pelosi’s action on what not to do as a leader.


We are in economic crisis. To resolve the crisis a unified approach is required. Leadership that unites people is what is needed. As usual, both political parties where trying to ascribe blame for the crisis to the other. In spite of that, as of Monday morning, there appeared to be an attempt to overcome their differences, and gain enough bi-partisan support to pass legislation that would attempt to solve the crisis. But in five fateful minutes, weeks’ worth of work came unraveled.


The Majority Leader of the House, Nancy Pelosi, closed the day with a finger pointing, blame-shifting rant that just further destroyed good-will, trust and credibility.  In a time when parties of our nation’s congress are trying desperately – through gritted teeth – to work together, to unite, Pelosi’s partisan rant sabotaged all movement toward unity.


Many a forest is destroyed by a small flame and her words fanned the flames of an already smoldering fire.  To what end?  Is it any wonder that unity is so difficult to attain when our leaders so foolishly throw it away with no regard to the consequences?  In situations as emotionally charged as this, a leader must have a largeness of soul, a humility about them to gain support. The leader must be magnanimous, and fair-minded. The leader must stop ascribing blame in a self-centered attempt to gain personal advantage and become introspective to accept their part in contributing to the problem.


Speeches that declare “we are all responsible and we are all needed to solve the problem” would be cheered and welcomed.  


Whatever your politics, whatever your personal convictions, it is at a time like this that we need leaders who will put aside their petty ambitions, self-indulgence and power-grabbing to consider the good of the whole ahead of their own personal agenda. 

It takes a bold and courageous leader, one with humility and wisdom, to choose unity over grandstanding.  Is it too much to ask that our leaders have some measure of tact and self-control?  


Where is the spirit and attitude of President Lincoln? He showed such compassion for his “enemies” and went to such great lengths to make them his friend that it angered many of his constituents. One constituent angrily asked, “Aren’t you supposed to destroy your enemies?” To which Lincoln replied, “If I make him my friend, am I not destroying my enemy?”is the spirit and attitude of President Lincoln. He showed such compassion for his “enemies” and went to such great lengths to make them his friend that it angered many of his constituents. 

Author: Rolfe Carawan


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