I’m going to get you LinkedIn, Old Man


LinkedInI knew it was coming. Having successfully turned me into a Facebook user, Laurie was pushing me out of the nest again. She was setting up on LinkedIn so I could connect with thousands of people.  Why do I need to link up with thousands of friends when I can’t keep up with the handful I currently have?  Of course, she’s in charge in this area, so I just do whatever she says.  I gave her my work and education history, everything I could think of from my past.  She talked excitedly of how many people this would immediately connect me with. When she linked in with her short history, she had 3,000 connections immediately.  With my 30-year work history, she couldn’t imagine how many I would have.  She assured me it was going to be big.  With anticipation, she finally entered the last detail and pushed link.  Her faced dropped. She couldn’t believe it, something must be wrong, I had only 3 connections!  Where were all my fifty-something friends?  Apparently not LinkedIn yet.  Come on y’all I need some friends. 

Join me on LinkedIn!  How has social networking impacted your current career?  How do you utilize online social networks?

Authored By: Rolfe Carawan



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